A-H1N1 Influenza Not Influenced By Climate

World Health Organization (WHO) explained that A-H1N1 Influenza virus already infected human in many countries with various climate. This is revealed from cumulative case numbers and death by A-H1N1 Influenza in the world report. So far recorded more than 182,000 A-H1N1 Influenza infected cases and almost 1,800 death cases in 177 countries in the world. Dr SJ Habayeb, WHO representative in India clarified in New Dehli, A-H1N1 Influenza have no connected with climate. “A-H1N1 Influenza cases reported from countries with cold and hot weather temperature,” he says. For example, A-H1N1 Influenza infected cases reported from Texas, New York, and California with various weather temperatures.