Flu Pandemy Accused

United Kingdom (UK) and France is same but no same. Even this two countries is neighbourhood, have almost same piopulation. UK has 60,71 million popullation and France has 62,94 million popullation. Poverty level and medical fasilities of both countries is advance and modern but swine flu spread is unbalance. This fact makes question about validity of A-H1N1 infuenza pandemy. Both of countries should same pandemy status if the A-H1N1 be more dangeours. Logically, this two countries wil have the same problem interrelated with A-H1N1 because almost have same condition. Beside that in this time, borderline between countries no longer clearly. Everything now opened. People more easily move from one country to other country. Virus spreaded more hard to handle. But suprised, fact between UK condition and France in spread of A-H1N1 so different. In two last weeks, at leasr founded 250.000 positive A-H1N1 influenza cases in UK, 27 patients of this cases were dead inUK and 4 in Scotland. Contrastly in France with only founded 1.022 positive A-H1N1 influenza cases and only on patient are dead. High cases in UK makes World Health Organization (WHO) on July 12 declared A-H1N1 influenza pandemy in UK. Question appeared why this could be happened. Infection diseases expert and ex-UK Red Cross officer, Marc Gentiline, guessed monitoring and aticipation system in UK not detail and effective like in France that can make preventation of this virus preaded early. Many hypothesis about different spread of A-H1N1 influenza in this two countries. Epidemiology expert in University ofWarwick, Thomas House, guessed one of the factor is UK climate conditioan that tenderly more humid and foggy.