President Arias Get A-H1N1 Flu

President of Costa Rica Arias get A-H1N1 flu. He became known first head of state who get this desease. Sixty nine years old president and win Nobel Prize for Peace get light case. President said he carantined at home and cure with antiflu drug Oseltamivir. “That pandemy make no difference and can attacked anyone,” says Arias on Wednesdat y (August 12, 2009). “I am one of victims in this this country amd O pnbey to recommendation that make by healthy authourity to all population.” His brother also authourity officer in this country, Rodrigo Arias, said before to Costa Rica people that shocked when known their president must be isolated at home for at least one week, but not delegation executicve power along his absence. President Arias who also have cronis brochitis, reported have indication like flu for a few days so make him to followed medical check up. “After fell throatache, headache, and fever, President asked to followed medical check up and Tuesday their confirmed he get influenza virus A-H1N1,” says Rodrigo Arias. President Arias this recently lead international effort to crissis overcome in Honduras, after Predint Manuel Zelaya overthrowned in militery coup d’etat on June. Minister ofInformation Mayi Antillon said that Arias will keep working from home. “He don’t want to lied people,”says Antillon. Arias win Nobel Prize for Peace in 1987 for his plan to make peace and ended civil war and geurilla conflict in South America. He became president for the first time in 1986-1990 and back to elected as president in 2006 and promise to ended corruption and bering Costa Rica to a free trade pact with United States of America.