Very Fast Spread Level of A-H1N1 Influenza

Spread level of A-H1N1 Influenza is four times faster than another virus and 40 percent dies victim is young and healthy person. “This virus track is unbelievable, almost not heard about their spread,” says General Director of World Health Organization (WHO) Margaret Chan to France’s Le Monde Daily on Saturday (August 29, 2009) in Paris, France. “In six weeks, the virus spread all over the world. Although, for another virus take six months to reach same distance with A-H1N1 Influenza spread,” explains Chan. “Sixty percent of people who died have healthy problem,” she added. That means about 40 percent from died victim happened on young and in well healthy condition. They died because fever from A-H1N1 Influenza infection in 4-7 days.
“This fact more worries. More than 30 percent of world population in high density countries has risk to get A-H1N1 Influenza infection,” she says. A-H1N1 Influenza pandemic now is dominated by flu strain in biggest part of the world. Pandemic keep continue in next some months to infection susceptible population. Even that, emergency service resources and emergency care unit application for cancer and heart diseases is better not to be changed. “All countries must prepare to the worst condition to face it this condition,” she explains. The last data from WHO showed more than 2,180 person died because this virus since April 2009.